Radio line

System concept:

  • Simple extension to any existing wired Sinteso system

  • New possibilities in systems engineering and a high degree of flexibility through the simultaneous use of wired and wireless fire detectors

  • Loop powered radio gateway

  • Individual detector addressing for easy identification of location

Transmission reliability without compromise:

  • System integration test every 30 seconds

  • Automatic choice of basic and alternative radio channels

  • Automatic channel switching in the event of radio interference

  • Two integrated antennae (antenna diversity)

  • Bi-directional data traffic

  • State-of-the-art radio technology

  • Exclusive frequency range (SRD band) 868–870 MHz

  • Low emitted radio power output <5mW

  • Long battery service life

  • Theoretical, up to 30 radio detectors can be connected to each radio gateway (building structure influences wave propagation and may reduce the number of radio detectors per gateway)

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Radio gateway FDCW221

The radio gateway provides bidirectional linking up to 30 radio detectors to the FDnet. The SRD band is used, a frequency range solely for safety equipment (868 to 870 MHz).

Smoke detector DOW1171

Because the DOW1171 is a bi-directional multichannel radio system in the SRD band, it has the same functionality as wired systems and neither the operator nor the fire department are subject to any restrictions.

Manual call point SMF121

The radio base manual call points allows to release a fire alarm immediately by a human being, anywhere in the building.