FibroLaser™ in Industrial Buildings

Market specifics

Industrial building

Continuous protection of industrial buildings and sprawling facilities, e.g. parking garages, storage halls or along the entire length of cable trays or conveyor belts.

Fast and precise location of heat increases or even fires
High precision triggering of extinguishing systems


  • FibroLaser system is the perfect solution for industrial applications / dirty environments and difficult to reach places

  • FibroLaser technology allows a continuous temperature measuring of up to 2x4 km of cable

  • Dirt, smoke, acid, electrical interference resistant cables


  • Reliable system from an experienced partner: The installed base includes over 2,000 km of cable worldwide

  • Siemens has over 15 years of experience in protecting industrial buildings with FibroLaser


Examples from practical experience:

  • Chi Ma Wan Cable Tray (Hong Kong)

  • Kampii Bus Terminal (Finland)

  • London Gatwick International Airport (United Kingdom)

  • Bayer Leverkusen Laboratory (Germany)