FibroLaserâ„¢ in Explosion Hazard Areas

Market specifics


  • People, vehicles and infrastructure must be protected against fire with maximum reliability

  • Fast and precise fire protection: Notification of the direction and size of the fire; Maximum and average temperature values must be provided

  • High precision triggering of extinguishing systems


  • FibroLaser system is the perfect solution for industrial applications / dirty environments and difficult to reach places

  • A precise localisation of a heat spot provides highly effective protection

  • FibroLaser technology allows a continuous temperature measuring of up to 2x4 km of cable

  • Activating fire alarms, ventilators and localising a hot spot to activate fire extinguishing

  • Dirt, smoke, acid, electrical interference resistant cables

  • No electrical interference, nor any other wavelength can do harm


  • FibroLaser reduces maintenance costs drastically because no cable servicing required

  • Reliable system from an experienced partner: The installed base includes over 2,000 km of cable worldwide

  • Siemens has over 15 years of experience in protecting industrial buildings with FibroLaser

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