FibroLaser - Optimum Safety with Linear Heat Detection

When fire breaks out in sophisticated environments, fast action is required. Health and human life must be protected, damage to material assets minimised, high outage and resulting costs avoided. With the linear heat detection system FibroLaser™  we offer a state-of-the-art solution, which has been proven worldwide and constitutes the largest installed base on the market.

Application areas

Fibrolaser Application areas

Tunnel solutions

Industrial solutions

Further solutions

Road tunnels

Train tunnels

Metro tubes and stations

Conveyor belts

Cable trays

Production halls

Storage halls


Power stations

Nuclear power stations

Parking garages

Oil tanks

Benefits at a glance

  • Protection for long or widespread systems – through linear heat detection

  • Entire process from fire detection to transmission of information to the fire department – from one source

  • High flexibility – through a system solution that allows simple integration and expansion

  • A leading system – and a partner that is active worldwide

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