Siemens Financial Services Limited has more than 250,000 customers and has arranged finance for 90 of the current FTSE 100 companies, and more than 50% of NHS trusts, and local authorities. They provide solutions ranging from £1,500 to many millions, for a diverse range of financing needs.

With almost 50 years experience in providing innovative finance, Siemens is ideally placed to help UK organisations, of all shapes and sizes.

Our products and solutions primary aim is to preserve and protect capital. Siemens find that the very best businesses are those which treat capital and cash, as a scarce resource, even in times of plenty.

When companies lease, they do not need to wait until the required capital is made available in order to purchase or acquire an asset. Instead, they can use their cash to help grow their business, and let the productivity gains or cash savings, generate the required capital to cover the ongoing leasing costs.

Businesses which lease make fewer compromises on what they acquire and can generally afford to buy more.

By eliminating the need to raise capital for new fire alarm equipment, it makes it easier for businesses to comply with the new fire protection requirements.