Fire Consultancy

Fire safety consultancy and risk assessment in modern workplaces

Benefits that Siemens offer

Advice from fire professionals for a more secure environment, qualified fire engineers can advise you on the best solutions available to suit your building requirements in line with the latest British standard regulations.

Fire detection and extinguishing certified design

Siemens Fire Consultancy

Through years of experience as a fire protection system supplier, both internationally and in the UK, we can offer best in class fire detection and extinguishing design to the industry.

Fire consultancy services

  • Fire Risk Assessments to fulfil both Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and BS5839 - pt.1: 2008 category of system requirements

  • Means of escape

  • Smoke calculations

  • BS5839 - Pt.1: 2008 system verification

  • Specialist applications such as hazardous area operation and gas detection