Migration strategy

Siemens Migration

Siemens are committed to the lifecycle of your system and we are always conscious of the demands of the ever evolving world of technology. Siemens Migration solutions offers you long system lifecycles by ensuring that future technology is always compatible with former and future systems to maintain your business continuity.

Our drive is to offer the latest detection and alarm technology to protect your employees, premises and processes at an economical cost and with minimal disturbance to your business. Siemens achieve this through:

Modular migration

  • Customer driven project programme

  • Budget conscious

  • Identifying business critical dates and periodsĀ 


  • Customer orientation

  • Global Siemens R&D

  • Development of emerging system technology

Project delivery via the PM@Siemens process

  • Ensuring fire detection and alarm coverage is preserved

  • Full co-ordination with all operational trades and services

The Siemens migration strategy extends beyond our own install base to help the customer achieve system migration from incumbent 3rd party systems to the latest Siemens fire detection and alarm solutions.

This can be obtained through complete fire solution migrations delivered over a continuous programme or through small system alterations over a fractured programme period with either culminating in an eventual Siemens system for the premises.

Several high rise commercial properties on Canary Wharf and systems throughout the UK are currently undergoing such system migration from previous generation of Siemens technology including Algorex, CZ10 and unsupported PAVA systems to the latest Siemens Sinteso and E100 technologies. These projects are being successfully carried out within fully operational buildings and are consistently meeting customer expectations.