Fire safety

Fire safety

With over 150 years experience in fire safety, we can provide the required fire safety products, systems, and solutions. As a globally active system builder with a large, innovative product range, we are your complete supplier for all fire safety requirements.

Everything you need for comprehensive fire safety

Incorporated in a concept tailored to your requirements, Siemens provides:

  • Early and reliable fire detection solutions, offering an unrivalled financially backed ‘Guarantee Against False Alarms’, and product lifetime warranty

  • Fully forwards and backwards compatible systems, to ensure any system we provide, is equipped to integrate the latest technology Siemens has to offer

  • Clear and fast alarming and evacuation processes

  • Intelligent extinguishing tailored to the room requirements

All these aspects are at the core of comprehensive fire safety. Only if they are fulfilled can you be assured that people in your building are safe and assets and business processes are protected.

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