Cerberus remote

Customer Benefits

  • Servicing the system from anywhere

  • Faster reaction to fault conditions

  • Increased efficiencies

  • Audit trails

  • Reduction of CO and carbon footprint

Servicing the system from everywhere

  • Access systems remotely with full visibility via a standard PC

  • Offer your customers more service at lower costs

  • Monitor systems remotely in real time with Cerberus-Remote

  • React faster to customers’ wishes

  • Build a stable, long-term customer relationship

  • Reduced costs

  • Improve 1st time fixes

  • Reduced call outs and environmental impact on CO production and carbon footprint

Easy remote operation via a standard PC

Cerberus-Remote software enables remote access …

  • If you want to isolate a zone for maintenance work

  • To evaluate the system status remotely and initiate appropriate access if necessary

  • Access system remotely via a standard PC for programming

  • Increased efficiency thanks to less on-site visits

  • Change text description

Remote operation – reliable and flexible

Remotely? Local? The choice is yours

  • Identical indicator and operations display

  • Simple switchover between remote and local access

  • Remote access must be enabled locally beforehand – uncontrolled access is not possible

  • Collision between remote and local access is ruled out