Cerberus PRO System Overview

Powerful control panels, clever fire detectors and smart peripheral devices. This is what our comprehensive Cerberus PRO family offers. The brief overview below demonstrates the most important system components.

Cerberus product family graphic
Fig.: Solutions from simple to complex. Management, automation and field level for flexible planning.

C-WEB - The network for linking the stations

A maximum of 16 stations (fire control panels and operator terminals) can be networked together in any configuration via C-WEB/SAFEDLINK. Four stations can be networked simply via Ethernet – a station can also be part of the C-WEB/SAFEDLINK.Connection is with a standard commercial Fast-Ethernet cable.

C-NET - The network for linking devices

The C-NET is a modern, multipurpose bus system. It allows rapid, fail-safe communication between the Cerberus PRO bus elements and the fire control panel.