Aspirating Smoke Detectors

Aspirating Smoke Detectors overview

Where sources of fire are hard to detect Aspirating Smoke Detectors can limit the risks and calculates them with systematic means. If smoke becomes very thin delays in alarming can result, which can lead to fatal consequences.

With Aspirating Smoke Detectors one can counter this situation effectively. Air samples are constantly taken in the monitored areas with Aspirating Smoke Detectors. By means of a high performance suction, they are fed via a pipe network to a detector chamber and checked there continuously. If smoke particles are recorded, the alarm (depending on the security concept) is activated or the extinguishing process is triggered immediately.

  • Difficult environmental conditions

  • Rooms with an intensive air change

  • Need for particularly fast intervention

  • Production around the clock

  • Difficult access for maintenance

  • "Invisible" detection

  • Fisk of vandalism

Application Areas

Application Area - Harsh environment

Harsh environments with frequent deceptive environmental phenomena

  • False ceilings

  • False floors

  • Escalators

  • Cabinets

  • Switchboards

  • Manufacturing areas

  • Cable tunnels

  • Cable ducts

Application Area - Moderate environment

Moderate environments with occasional deceptive phenomena

  • High halls

  • Malls

  • Churches & museums

  • Libraries

  • Laboratories

  • Call centres

  • Escalators

  • Waste combusting

  • Recycling centers

  • High-voltage facilities

  • Power generation

Application Area - Clean environment

Clean environments where data and privacy protection are the primary concern

  • Cold Stores Warehouses

  • Clean rooms

  • IT Rooms

  • Air ducts

Benefits at a glance

  • Secures business continuity

  • High sensitivity detection

  • Easy access outside the monitored areas

  • Nearly invisible design

  • Fastest reaction time possible

  • Suitable even for difficult environmental conditions

  • Used in combination with suppression systems

  • Easy planning and installation

LaserFOCUS - Aspirating smoke detector with display

LaserFOCUS - Aspirating smoke detector with display

The LaserFocus is an active air sampling smoke detector, which can be used for highest sensitivities down to 0.025%/m. This assures earliest fire detection in critical areas. In its latest version, the LaserFocus is now a C-NET and FDnet participant, and can be connected to any Cerberus or Sinteso loop.