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A maximum of 16 stations (fire control panels and operator terminals) can be networked together in any configuration via C-WEB/SAFEDLINK. Features of networking via the system bus:

  • Max. number of networkable stations: 16

  • Cabling via 2-wire cable

  • Redundant transmission paths thanks to ring wiring

  • Increased security through degraded mode capability via second networking module

  • No additional degraded mode cabling required, even with more than 512 fire detectors in the system

  • Configurable view of the individual stations


Four stations can be networked simply via Ethernet – a station can also be part of the C-WEB/SAFEDLINK. Connection is with a standard commercial Fast-Ethernet cable. Key figures:

  • Max. number of networkable stations: 4

  • Type of cable: Fast-Ethernet Cat. 5

  • Data rate via Ethernet: 100/10 mbps

  • Max. Ethernet connection points on the C-WEB: 1

C-WEB/Ethernet graphic
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The C-NET is a modern, multi-purpose bus system. It allows rapid, fail-safe communication between the Cerberus PRO bus elements and the fire control panel. Characteristics:

  • Acoustic and visual signaling on the loop

  • Use of all cable types (shielded or unshielded 2-wire loop)

  • Cable lengths up to 3.3 km with 126 bus elements on one loop

  • Integration of star-shaped cable networks without modifications to cable network

  • Up to 60 T-taps

  • Power supply to all bus elements via the C-NET*

  • Integrated turbo isolator in every loop participant

C-NET graphic
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*except transponder FDCIO223, LaserFOCUS, extinguishing control unit XC10