eu.bac certified products

Energy savings up to 14% ensured by high-quality room controls

eu.bac certified products

Room controls bearing the eu.bac certification label stand for tested quality, control accuracy and energy efficiency in compliance with the relevant European Norms and international test standards. A high level of control accuracy optimises the room climate and does away with unnecessary readjustments of the room temperature setpoint. A setpoint reduction of only 1°C generates energy savings of up to 6%.

In the case of a CA value (control accuracy) of 0.1 to 0.2K, eu.bac-certified controllers ensure energy savings of up to 14% in comparison with noncertified controllers, depending on the climatic area in which they are used.

eu.bac certification for tested quality, control accuracy and energy efficiency

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eu.bac (European Building Automation & Controls Association) has been established as a European platform to represent the interests of home and building automation in all issues concerning quality assurance. The initiative was driven by Siemens and the association was born in response to the increasing customer led demands for energy performance of their buildings and the energy efficiency challenges set out in the EPBD (European directives).

The eu.bac certification is based on European standards, certification rules, accredited test house product performance testing, factory inspection and approval by recognised certifier bodies. Qualifying products will then carry the eu.bac certification mark indicating they exhibit assured levels of energy-efficient performance and quality assurance.

Building Technologies is among the first companies submitting products for certification. We intend to obtain certification for all appropriate products as the eu.bac testing & certification programme develops. Siemens Building Technologies is strongly committed to improving the environment through this important initiative.