Energy-efficient applications

Comprehensive portfolio of energy-efficient, high-quality and certified HVAC products to ensure energy efficiency in your building.

Air quality sensors - innovative and energy-efficient

Air quality sensors

Saving energy thanks to highly accurate measurement - Symaro sensors record and transmit readings extremely quickly and accurately, providing an optimal basis for precise and therefore energy- and cost-efficient control of the entire HVAC plant.

Optimum air quality with low energy consumption: In conjunction with Siemens systems, controllers, and frequency converters, Symaro air quality sensors allow for a wide range of tested and proven solutions for optimised demand-controlled ventilation.

  • Demand-controlled ventilation based on the CO₂concentration in the ambient air of an indoor environment can result in energy savings of between 20% and 70%

  • Demand-controlled ventilation ensures constant levels of indoor air quality and low operating costs

  • Changes in building occupancy levels and building usage as well as changes made to plant characteristics are automatically compensated for

  • Indoor air quality can be recorded and documented at any time

Energy savings of up to 50% with variable speed drives

Minimum operating costs and maximum energy savings, lowered maintenance effort and short amortisation are factors that distinguish intelligent building and energy management. Our variable speed drives support these requirements in every way. For example, the fan and pump loads are automatically reduced when little or no demand exists. The SED2 variable speed drives have lots of functionality that can be optimised for HVAC requirements.

  • Energy savings of up to 50% with pumps and fans

  • Energy-optimised speed control of pumps and ventilating motors

  • PID controller for fast and precise pressure control on pumps or fans

  • Energy consumption meter (kWh meter) for direct monitoring

  • Low-harmonics technology for reduction of harmonic distortion of mains power supplies to a minimum.

  • SED2 EasySave Software- Calculating tool to clarify energy saving potential

Valves & Actuators

Valves & Actuators

Acvatix valves and actuators excel in high quality and long life. They ensure well-being and comfort and support you when it comes to energy optimisation, modernisation and retrofit projects. HVAC and refrigeration systems operate correctly only if every plant component works reliably and accurately. The Acvatix line from Siemens offers the right valves and actuators for all your needs, all types of media, and an extensive range of applications. thus ensuring energy-optimised operation of the plant.

  • Magnetic valves enable very fast and accurate control adjustments in case of changing climate and energy conditions

  • Improved part load behaviour realises energy savings in ventilation plants with magnetic control valves

  • Control valves and actuators for room and zone applications deliver energy-efficient solution thanks to automated stroke adaptation

Damper Actuators - robust and energy-efficient

Damper Actuators - robust and energy-efficient

OpenAir damper actuators provide for outstanding durability, reliability and precision-accurate operation and low power consumption. Comfort –from installation to use.
Energy and cost savings thanks to efficient motors and high precision.

OpenAir compact air volume controllers ensure:

  • High level of precision due to static measured value acquisition thus minimizing energy loss

  • No aging and temperature drift as well as location independence due to automatic zero point calibration