Green Migration

Maximising efficiency through state-of-the-art technologies

Technological progress is continuously changing the demands imposed on your infrastructure. Siemens progressively upgrades your building automation and controls systems to the latest state-of the-art technology, enhances your energy efficiency, relieves the burden on your budget, protects your investments and reduces your operating costs.

Optimise your budget process with stepwise migration

With the pace of technological advancement today, the requirements placed on your infrastructure are constantly changing. The impact of system downtime on your business means reliability is always a factor, while high energy prices force addressing your energy consumption to take precedence. Your organisation is stretched to its limits as a 24/7 approach becomes the norm.

You might ask yourself “How do I keep up with leading edge technology, but within my budget? Can I really reduce my energy and operational costs by migrating my system to the latest technology? What interruptions to plant operation can I expect if I replace my system? With today’s throwaway approach, how do we address product phase out? Will they still support me 10 years down the road, or will I be left to find costly solutions to an outdated, phased out building automation and control system on my own?“

We value each customer and your needs are our top priority. We understand the demands placed on your building and resources. Through our Life Cycle Management Services we have the expertise to support you as you look to improve the performance of your building.

  • Investment protection through a migration plan that addresses product phase out

  • System compatibility through true migration capabilities, both backward and forward

  • Reduced operational costs through enabling efficiency improvement measures

  • Conservation of resources through Green Migration