Car park solutions

Programmable logic control (PLC) functions with freely programmable logical function blocks offer straightforward and flexible solutions for complex control tasks, such as those encountered in car parks. Using the integrated functions like PID controller and comprehensive I/Os, car parks can be subdivided into several zones to monitor the level of carbon monoxide and the ventilation system. In that case – apart from sensors, switches and an audiovisual alarm – no external extra controllers are required.

The selection of different operating modes is made easy, for example:

  • Continuous ventilation via 7-day time program and monitoring of CO limit value during the periods of time the parking spaces are used

  • Minimum ventilation during the periods of time the parking spaces are not used. In that case, the system is switched on only if the CO limit is exceeded

  • Ventilation mode for the car park to be switched to full ventilation at fixed times, regardless of the present CO level

  • Sensor fail detection, which sets off an alarm and switches on ventilation, if a sensor delivers lower CO values than would be expected in normal operation

The G120P is ideally suited for applications with specific requirements, such as car parks.