Energy efficiency

G120P - boost efficiency, cut costs

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The major requirements placed on modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning plants are maximum room comfort and minimum energy usage.

HVAC systems are designed to cover maximum loads. However, to maintain room comfort at the desired level, the amount of energy required in 85% of all cases is lower than the designed load. And here, variable speed drives can prove their value: They ensure that the output of pumps and fans in a system is matched to the current load. As a result, energy usage is reduced by up to 60%, leading in turn to considerably lower operating costs.

The G120P delivers the prerequisites to attain energy class A according to EN 15232 and helps you significantly improve energy efficiency throughout the entire process chain. ECO mode, for example, automatically matches the motor’s magnetization to the current load. If the motor runs at mains frequency for a preselected period of time, the G120P changes to bypass mode and switches off. When the motor needs to run below the mains frequency, the drive automatically switches on again. These intelligent controls help you save even more energy and extend your equipment’s service life. What’s more, the Low Harmonic Technology used has a real power factor of close to 1, so you experience minimal apparent power. Again, this helps reduce your electricity bill – year after year.

Highlights at a glance

  • Significant energy savings thanks to demand control, bypass, hibernation and timer functions

  • Achieve energy class A with G120P and save energy

  • Minimized harmonics thanks to Low Harmonic Technology

More information about energy classes and EN 15232