Features and Benefits

Highlights at a glance

Acvatix – magnetic valves

  • Precision, speed and non-contact technology for efficient HVAC control - positioning time of less than 2 seconds and a stroke resolution of at least 1:1000

  • Energy savings of up to 15% thanks to highest control accuracy

  • Cost-saving , simple and fast planning and commissioning - magnetic valves are opening without inlet jump and therefore are resistant to oversizing

  • Long service life without maintenance thanks to non-contact, magnetic technology

  • Investments pay off both quickly and permanently

  • Refrigerant valves - 100% hermetically closed for manifold applications and 100% tight stainless steel valve body for all usual functions and refrigerants including ammoniac

Typical fields of use of threaded/flanged 2-port and 3-port valves with integrated magnetic actuator

  • Supply air control with/without cascade

  • Fast-acting heat exchanger control

  • Domestic hot water mixing control

  • High-precision process control

  • Refrigerant valves for refrigerant systems, capacity control of chillers and control of air conditioning chambers