Domestic hot water (DHW) – mixing system


Mixing sytem graphic

Typical for applications are: fast control action is essential (short positioning time); DVGW certification to meet stringent hygienic regulations and reduce risk of Legionella viruses in storage tanks; high temperature gradient in valve; fail-safe function; 0-10 V or 3-position control signal; 3-port threaded valves; PN 16 pressure class.

The proposed combinations vary in: control accuracy; speed of response to load changes (positioning time); types of control signals.

Fast and accurate flow control combination

Fast and accurate flow control combination

Magnetic valves with selectable flow characteristic designed specifically for DHW applications; especially suitable for instantaneous flow systems; short positioning time (< 2 s), high resolution (1 : 1000); opening without inlet jump; excellent for minimum controllable load.

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- Displayed combination: MXG461B

High control quality combination

High control quality combination

Stroke valves (20/40 mm stroke) with tight bypass (< 0.05% leakage)  VXG41 especially for DHW requirements; selectable flow characteristic; positioning time  30 - 35 s; offering for different control signals.

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- 3-port valve with bypass VXG41
- Displayed combination: VXG41  SQX
- Other suitable actuators: SKD SKB