Combi valves – mini combi valves

PN 10: mini combi valves VPD.., VPE..

PN10 mini combi valves

2-port pre-adjustable combi valves DN 10 to DN 15; straight-through VPD1.. and angle VPE1.. to DIN norm also straight-through VPD2.. and angle VPE2.. to NF norm; volumetric flow 25…483 l/h and operating range up to 200 kPa; medium temperature: 1...90 °C

Suitable for use in zone applications, e.g. fan coil unit, chilled ceiling, radiators.

Links to more information:

- 2-port valves: V.D1.. V.D2..
- Suitable actuator electro-motoric: SSA
- Suitable actuators thermal: STA
- Suitable actuators thermal: STS
- Suitable actuator thermostatic: RTN