Room thermosts tailored precisely to your needs

It’s easy to enjoy a warm home environment


Siemens is a leading supplier of room thermostats for a wide range of heating, ventilation, and cooling applications in every conceivable setting – whether it’s in the residential sector, hotels, offices, or public buildings. And our portfolio has products for any budget as well: From simple electromechanical on/off thermostats, units with wireless and infrared thermostats, and room thermostats with a continuous output signal to advanced touchscreen and efficient Open Therm units. Most models are available as programmable versions with 24-hour or 7-day-program or as non-programmable units with analogue or digital displays.

Highlights at a glance:

  • Energy-saving, cost-cutting, and eco-friendly temperature control

  • A wide range of products for every need that can grow as your needs change

  • Simple, precise operation ensures ease of use while providing superior comfort

  • Excellent product quality and reliability

  • Optimal functionality thanks to Siemens - decades of experience

  • Future-oriented technology thanks to ongoing refinement of products