Symaro – energy-efficient and innovative HVAC sensors

Saving energy thanks to highly accurate measurements – Symaro HVAC sensors record and transmit readings extremely quickly and accurately, providing an optimal basis for precise and therefore energy- and cost-efficient control of the entire HVAC plant.

With innovations such as integrated self-monitoring and highly versatile multisensors for different applications, Symaro sensors are a secure investment in the future. Throughout the entire line of temperature sensors, air quality sensors, pressure sensors, solar sensors, humidity sensors, duct sensors, and others, the installation concept has remained unchanged for decades. Therefore, they can be quickly installed and put into operation – so your investment pays off right from the start.

Highlights at a glance

  • Perceptible energy savings – thanks to fast, high-precision measurement and efficient measuring techniques

  • Innovative sensor technology – with self monitoring, service mode, integrated installation concept, and functional design

  • High level of comfort – provided by demand-controlled ventilation

  • Reduced installation and cabling effort – thanks to multisensors

  • Guaranteed quality – the result of many years of experience, in-depth applications expertise, and systematic sensor tests

  • Comprehensive support from experts worldwide

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