Communicative heating controllers

RVL4.. – heating controllers

RVL4.. – Heating controller

The RVL4.. heating controllers are multifunctional and communicating controllers for use in residential and non-residential buildings. The controllers are suited for heating circuit control, boiler temperature control, or pre-control. They can be used for weather-compensated supply temperature control (with or without room influence) as well as versions for demand control of heat producers, domestic hot water, and additional zones.

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RVP3.. – heating controllers

RVP3.. – Heating controller

Heating controllers for residential and non-residential buildings, suitable for weather-compensated flow temperature control of heating zones, with or without room influence. Suitable for all combinations of heating systems (radiators, convectors, underfloor, and ceiling heating and radiant panels).

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RVP5.. – heating controllers

The serie RVP500 provides a choice of 500 pre-programmed plant types (giving over 2,500 combinations that can be selected). In addition, a free of charge PC tool is available (see Software downloads), which permits fast and simple application selection.

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