HVAC controllers

About HVAC controllers


Buildings place different requirements on HVAC control systems depending on building size, life cycle, operating times, and comfort needs.

All controllers for HVAC are graded according to their range of functions, input/output configuration, or application range. Based upon the functionality required, you simply select the required controller and field devices and create your HVAC scheme. Each device can be used with a wide range of compatible sensors, valves, actuators, and peripheral units.

Highlights at a glance

  • Optimum climate for relaxed living and high-productivity workspaces

  • Reliable, efficient plant operation, thanks to user friendliness

  • High energy efficiency and cost savings, thanks to pre-programmed energy saving functions

  • Durable, tested controllers to protect your investment

  • High flexibility – through easy expandability and adaptation of controllers and standard functions

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