Linear actuators

Linear actuators

Electronic motor driven linear actuators for 3-position and modulating control; nominal force above 125 N and travel between 60 and 75 mm. Type-specific variations with adjustable offset and span for the positioning signal, position indicator, feedback potentiometer and adjustable auxiliary switches for supplementary functions.

Typical use

  • The dampers are friction-dependant and for damper areas up to 4 m2

  • Suitable for modulating controllers (DC 0…10 V) or 3-position controllers (e.g. rotary and linear dampers at air outlets)


Links to more information:

- For nominal force 550 N, damper area up to 4 m2 : GBB..2E
- For nominal force 400 N, damper area up to 3 m2 : GEB..2E
- For nominal force 250 N, damper area up to 1.5 m2: GLB..2E
- For nominal force 125 N, damper area up to 0.8 m2: GDB..2E