Actuators for air volume controllers

Actuators for Air Volume Controllers

OpenAir compact air volume controllers work with the highest degree of precision and stability and allow for fast and simple parameterisation. Convenience - from installation to use. Consisting of static differential pressure sensor, actuator and configurable digital air volume controller.

Highlights at a glance:

  • High level of precision due to static measured value acquisition

  • Easy positioning due to location independent measurement based on automatic zero point calibration

  • No aging and temperature drift as well as location independence due to automatic zero point calibration

  • Very easy adjustment to VAV devices

Typical use:

  • Supply air control

  • Extract air control

  • Supply / extract air cascade control
    - ratio control 1:1
    - ratio control (over-/ underpressure)
    - differential (over-/ underpressure)

Links to more information:
- For nominal torque 10 Nm, damper area up to 1.5 m2: GLB..1E
- For nominal torque 5 Nm, damper area up to 0.8 m2: GDB..1E
- Modular air volume controller in connection with an OpenAir™ 3-position air damper actuator: ASV..1E