Actuators for fire protection dampers

Actuators for Fire Protection Dampers

OpenAir™ actuators for fire protection dampers are at the interface between highly integrated security systems and people. They work extremely reliably especially in emergency situations. Fire smoke remains at its source – for absolute safety for people using the buildings and assets.

Electric motor driven actuators for 2-position control and with spring return to fail-safe position in critical situations.

Highlights at a glance

  • Two powerful torques for additional safety – 7 Nm or 18 Nm

  • High reliability thanks to equal values for opening and closing

  • Fast, easy installation thanks to secure, easy-to-mount, positive shaft collet (square)

Typical use

Their emergency actuating function returns them reliably to the zero position – if the thermal fuses melt, a power failure occurs or the operating voltage is switched off. This closes the fire protection dampers and thus prevents smoke and flames from spreading through the connected ventilation ducts in an emergency.

Links to more information

- For nominal torque 18 Nm, damper area up to 2.5 m2: GGA..1E/xxx 
- For nominal torque 7 Nm, damper area up to 1 m2: GNA..1E/xxx