Synco programmable controllers

Synco – for enhanced comfort and energy efficiency

Synco product family

Buildings place different requirements on HVAC control systems depending on building size, life cycle, operating times, and comfort needs.

Synco™ can be matched to all these requirements: The standard controllers offer maximum energy efficiency plus reliability and represent a product range of modular design. This means that Synco enables you to plan a versatile, cost- and energy-efficient HVAC control system and to straightforwardly install and commission it – with no need for programming.

Highlights at a glance

  • Energy savings thanks to intelligent building automation

  • Energy efficiency ensured by eu.bac-certified controllers

  • Well prepared for any requirement with a comprehensive product range

  • Versatility and expandability for future use

  • Straightforward operation and quick commissioning

  • Superior support through a reliable partner

  • Highest quality and reliability backed by decades of experience and high standards