DESIGO OPEN – open platform for integrated building automation

DESIGO OPEN is specialized for the simple technical connection of different building systems into building automation – on the basis of open and normed data interfaces. It offers a portfolio that enables easy and cost-efficient integration of third-party systems, tools and devices – from the management level to the room automation.


  • High energy efficiency, cost savings and environmental friendliness – thanks to simple and cost-efficient integration of multiple systems, central monitoring and analysis as well as system-wide, optimally harmonized processes

  • Long-term investment protection – thanks to standard communication protocols and integration platforms, an optimized cost-benefit ratio in operation, and maintenance as well as possibility to expand, and easily exchange components any time

  • Ease of operation for optimum comfort – thanks to cross-discipline management functions and a standardized operation interface for all integrated systems

  • High reliability and availability – thanks to peer-to-peer communication and central alarm management

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