Automation level

DESIGO PX – the flexibly scalable automation system

DESIGO PX – the flexibly scalable automation system

With DESIGO™ PX, you can tailor the control and monitoring of your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and other building systems to your exact requirements.


  • Flexibility and scalability for every application

  • Cost-reduced panel construction thanks to space-saving designs

  • Reduced installation costs through decentralized I/O islands

  • High user friendliness thanks to intuitive user interface and Web operation

  • Increased system availability, reliability, and energy efficiency due to predefined applications

A versatile family of automation stations

DESIGO PX - A versatile family of automation stations

The comprehensive product range of programmable automation stations, from compact to modular with flexible I/O modules, deliver high flexibility for every requirement with integrated system functions. Modifications or expansions are always possible. Decentralized automation stations operate autonomously with direct BACnet communication, guaranteeing a high level of operating reliability, also independent of location, thanks to optional remote management.

Wide choice of applications for energy efficiency

Extensive and proven libraries of tested, ready-to-use applications are available. They allow you to configure automation stations with exceptional speed and accuracy while meeting your requirements. When it comes to your systems, all of that translates into greater availability, reliability, and efficiency. Because the energy saving functions are already built in, such applications also help to significantly reduce your energy consumption and costs.

Comfortable engineering

Short project times and accurate programming: The modern and flexible engineering tool DESIGO XWORKS plus enables efficient system configuration, for example thanks to an intuitive user interface as well as individual views for different users. In addition, there are wizards for the most important tasks. You can simulate I/O modules together with the respective automation station.