Investment protection

DESIGO – long-term investment protection as a result of maximum openness and flexibility

DESIGO – long-term investment protection

The consequent compatibility of DESIGO™ offers you a degree of flexibility that protects your investments throughout the entire life cycle: Changes in usage, expansions, or modernizations can be realized step-by-step. Investment protection, however, includes even more – the modular system design of DESIGO enables a cost-efficient entry with small plants that can be expanded at any time.


  • Clearly definable investment plans and modernization projects – thanks to a high scalability

  • Easy adaptation of existing systems as well as implementation of installation wishes across system boundaries – thanks to high compatibility

  • System grows with every project – thanks to step-by-step expansions due to a modular system concept

  • System adapts to the business processes and requirements – thanks to flexible system design, and changes are possible at any time

  • One system and product range for all applications – independent of the building size

  • Smooth expansions of existing systems – thanks to high technical compatibility and open communication

  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs – thanks to modern, open IT platform supporting Windows®

  • Failsafe, highly-available and fast automation across all disciplines with seamless integration of processes and building systems – thanks to expansion of the SIMATIC S7 product family with DESIGO

  • Open for cost-efficient integration of different building systems – thanks to open, standardized communication and interfaces, system-wide support of IT and Web technology and connection of third-party systems and devices where existing in the building

  • DESIGO integrates existing automation systems VISONIK™, UNIGYR™, INTEGRAL seamlessly and carries them forward into the future. Changes in use, system expansion and retrofit projects can all be handled in gradual stages

Modernizing existing systems step-by-step with DESIGO

DESIGO enables you to modernize existing systems anticipatory in small affordable steps that can be optimally planned. The next system generation can be connected cost-effectively. The stepwise modernization saves a costly complete exchange: The existing infrastructure can be reused and the aging components can be replaced step-by-step by DESIGO. As a result, modernization can be optimally planned regarding time and costs, and you can act proactively before replacement requirements arise. This increases the value of the plant and protects your latest investments.