Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency with DESIGO – making efficient savings without sacrifices

Energy Efficiency with DESIGO

With DESIGO, you significantly save energy and thus costs. Especially thanks to features such as energy management, highly efficient and innovative energy saving functions, and the effective interaction of all system components and processes. Whether the entire system or a single management station and automation stations – DESIGO also increases the value of your building.

BACS efficiency classes – EN 15232

DESIGO meets the European standard EN 15232 in the highest classes. Energy efficiency class A, for example, states that energy savings in office spaces can reach 30% in relation to the standard.

Energy saving proved building automation

Energy saving proved building automation

The DESIGO RX room controllers control and monitor thermal comfort conditions in rooms while ensuring maximum energy efficiency. They have indicated outstanding values during the eu.bac certification of RXC, RXB, and RXL devices – for up to 14% energy savings compared with conventional controllers.

Reduced energy costs while benefiting at the same time from a pleasant room climate and optimum comfort

  • Thanks to an intelligent energy management

  • Thanks to highly efficient and innovative energy saving functions

  • Thanks to an effective interaction of all system components and processes

Sustained energy efficiency

  • Only those units are switched on that are actually needed – thanks to exchange of information

  • Enhancement of the systems- energy-optimized operation – thanks to tested and preprogrammed energy saving functions

  • Identifying new saving potentials and utilizing system synergies – thanks to integration of building systems

Managing energy on demand

  • Thanks to a continuous monitoring of process and consumption values

  • Thanks to trend analysis and evaluation functions that identify energy saving potentials

  • Thanks to quick detection and elimination of energy discrepancies also via remote access