DESIGO – openness based on standard protocols

Open communication between building systems facilitates the straightforward and secure integration of third-party systems at all levels. The standardized, independent communication protocols are accepted throughout the world, are subject to incremental development and ensure a consistent exchange of information between devices and systems. Flexibility, straightforward operation, and the ability to satisfy individual customer needs offer the protection of investments in the long term.

DESIGO™ integrates light and blind control, security equipment, access control, fire detection, and alarm systems, lifts, distribution of electrical energy, etc., in addition to HVAC control.


  • Straightforward and secure integration

  • Straightforward data exchange between devices and systems

  • Convenient operation

  • Long-term protection of investments

Communication standards for building automation

  • BACnet® for networking the automation and management level

  • LON® and KNX® (EIB) for networking room automation and decentral secondary processes

  • M-bus, Modbus, OPC and other interfaces for universal integration of third-party devices and systems

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