DESIGO™ WEB is a genuine web solution based on Microsoft® IIS (internet information server). The programs for operation of the management system are mapped to ASPs (active server pages) in special interfaces optimised for Microsoft Internet Explorer.

This makes DESIGO WEB the optimum solution for those responsible for technical services (such as the house engineer, building operator or security staff) that track the day-to-day operation of the building and need easy access to all the key functions. In addition, it makes new options available, enabling selected building data and user access to be allocated relevantly to tenants and users of the building (e.g. room operation, time schedules and display of room conditions).

Features of DESIGO WEB

  • All key user functions such as graphical plant operation, time scheduling, alarming and log activities are available quickly using only a web browser.

  • Web plant viewer compatible graphics are created automatically from existing

  • Alarms can be displayed and processed via the browser

  • All users and system activities are written to the log database and can be reviewed via the browser

  • Secure access and designed for IT compatibility