DESIGO INSIGHT – simple display of complex matters

DESIGO INSIGHT – simple display of complex matters

Increased security through flexible alarm management: DESIGO™ INSIGHT can be used for the central acquisition, handling, and evaluation of alarms from all of the integrated systems. With the powerful alarm routing system, alarms can be forwarded via text messages, fax, e-mail or pager to users wherever they are, regardless of whether or not the managementstation is attended.

Savings through targeted optimization: Actual figures that are recorded by energy consumption meters are compared with target figures. Fully integrated historical and real-time data handling provide for fast and focused plant optimization. Regular reports provide the basis for taking further steps. It is also possible to transfer data directly into MS Office applications and use them there for further analysis.


  • Reliable and user-friendly operation via fully graphical user interfaces and animations

  • Increased security thanks to flexible, centralized alarm management

  • Optimum overview due to evaluations, analyses, and reports

  • Increased efficiency through targeted optimization of systems

  • Expanded operating security and access protection thanks to user-specific displays

  • Maximum system availability through virtual server technology

  • Economical and secure due to remote access


Start features

Optional features

Object viewer

Plant viewer

Alarm viewer

Trend viewer

Alarm router

Log viewer

Time scheduler

... and much more


Reaction processeor

New features (in version 4.0)

New optional features (in version 4.0)

Scope function

High availability

User-specific displays

With the management station DESIGO INSIGHT, you can now react more easily, quickly, and safely. Thanks to the new scopes function. It allows to tailor alarms, messages, graphical displays, and access rights precisely to the needs and qualifications of individual users. Irrelevant information is screened out. This makes it easier for you to focus on the most essential matters speeds up reaction times, and at the same time increases ease and security of operation. In addition, thanks to protected access, several customers can work with the same system.

Access regardless of time and location

DESIGO INSIGHT provides comfortable remote management via Internet and Intranet. Thanks to operation independent of time and location via a Web browser or terminal server, building automation becomes more efficient and secure. Important information is available at any time and diagnoses can be done online. Thus, if errors should happen, corresponding measures can be triggered in time and settings can be changed online.

Simply more comfort and security

With DESIGO, Siemens simplifies daily building management tasks for you and offers increased security at the same time: If an alarm was triggered, it will be automatically acknowledged, registered, and forwarded to control units or to the management station DESIGO INSIGHT. Clearly arranged alarm lists show all alarms at a glance and provide you with straightforward alarm handling. Pop-up windows as well as acoustical and optical signals draw the attention of the operating personnel to new alarms. Significant alarm messages can also be forwarded to mobile phones, fax, printer, or PC as well as via SMS or e-mail.

High availability

The DESIGO high availability solution (HA) guarantees higher reliability, availability and data security for DESIGO INSIGHT and InfoCenter, in particular for plants with increased security requirements such aspharma production facilities, high-tech industry, airports, data centers, etc. The DESIGO HA solution is based on standard IT components and consists of two or more physical servers together with ESX server virtualization software by VMware®.