Life science

DESIGO INSIGHT Life science solution for critical environments

DESIGO™ INSIGHT integrates the well established and acknowledged market leading “pharma solution” functionality for compliance with the stringent regulatory expectations within the life science industry. The DESIGO INSIGHT life science solution meets the heightened requirements found within the tightly regulated life science industry.

Key benefits of the DESIGO INSIGHT life science solution

  • Compliance for electronic records regulations, e.g. Annex 11 or 21CFR Part11

  • User actions must be justified with a reason (comment), before the action is carried out

  • Guaranteed long-term data integrity of archived data in either proprietary or non-proprietary formats

  • Integrated Windows® authentication reduces user administration for the BMS

  • Enhanced backup strategies for databases reduce the potential for data loss

  • Tailored engineering tools assist speedy recovery - reducing unplanned down time