Perimeter protection

Whether it is a fossil, gas, or nuclear power station, each has a perimeter that must be protected, ensuring no unauthorised access to the plant.

Wide-area surveillance allows cameras to be used to create a barrier or zone around a certain area, be it a fence, a high-risk building or simply an open area. Rules can then be applied to these zones – perhaps used to purely identify what is in that area (cars, trucks, people, etc.) and these could be graphically shown on the display, providing an easy overview. 

A simple rule could be a car or truck can be in a certain area, but a person walking cannot. In the most sensitive areas, such as the perimeter, anything going into that area would be not permitted.

If something violates the rules within a certain zone, an alarm would be triggered and the camera or cameras looking at the area would be automatically displayed to the operator.

The advantage is operators do not have to look at a wall of monitors, at many cameras – they just look at one display showing all the necessary information. The name of this system is SiveillanceTM Site IQ.