Network-based video surveillance solutions for secure cities

Network-based video surveillance improves the feeling of public security. Surveillance of sensitive areas in real-time is one of the primary measures to ensure early detection and response in the event of any incident, from minor disturbance to serious criminal activity. The visual deterrent of cameras can itself be a useful tool for crime prevention. However, in the hands of competent, authorised operators, these cameras can give access to live or recorded images to monitor critical incidents as they unfold or to investigate after the event. Naturally, cities and public places can cover substantial areas. With modern Ethernet/IP infrastructures, the secure transmission of images and other data over long distances to any location on the network and in real-time is possible.

Main benefits

  • Improved feeling of security in the public

  • Scalable solution up to 4000 cameras

  • Ensure efficient security operations

  • Possibility of information storage to monitor critical incidents or perform investigations

  • Interfaces to upper management stations ensure interoperabiltiy