Command and control

City authorities face the challenge of improving the response to a large number of routine emergency calls during the working day, as well as managing any serious or large emergency incident that might occur. A rapid and co-ordinated emergency intervention process is essential to avoid a dangerous escalation in disaster or crisis situations.

The command and control solution from Siemens (Siveillance ELS Vantage or Siveillance ELS Web) is a single-screen version, perfectly suited for the needs of small towns or large public places (shopping malls, mass transit authorities, etc). Alerts from all sub-systems converge into the command and control system and agents are assisted in handling the incidents, dispatching intervention and communicating with the field.

Main benefits

  • Reduced costs of daily routine emergency management

  • Well managed emergency intervention process

  • Enhanced situational awareness

  • Multi-site application ensures an effective security organisation