Urban security

Urban security

Urban security solutions protect a city`s transportation network, public places, buildings, shopping centres and its people. It is important to deal efficiently with everyday crime and monitor potentially high-risk areas without offending civil liberties.

Urban Security - Sustainable solutions for urban security

Authorities have to meet the security challenges of modern cities over a wide range of activities. Siemens has the know-how and the experience to ensure security and peace of mind within cities,small and large, all over the world. With increasingly innovative solutions, we provide surveillance in city centres, subway stations or schools, we equip vulnerable areas with emergency and information pillars and we provide entire cities’ emergency systems.

Operational benefits

  • Intelligent security and convenience solutions for cities, infrastructure and its people

  • Improve the feeling of security in large public areas

  • Vast reservoir of technical expertise from Siemens

  • Investment protection and flexibility

  • Maximised operational effectiveness

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