Transportation Security

Our Solution

Professional transportation security solutions to make people feel safe

Security is more than protection against theft and violence - it’s a feeling. Our security solutions for transportation help drivers and passengers to feel safe, leading to a more pleasant riding experience for all.

The key component to our solution is mobile video surveillance. It is a fully integrated solution covering the complete chain from the camera in the vehicle to the transit operation.

We offer three different ways of providing the operation centre with the video data:

  • Removable hard disk. In case of an event the hard disk is manually extracted from the mobile DVR and brought to the operation centre where the video sequences are then analysed on a dedicated review station. This is the classic and still most used way to transfer and analyse the video data.

  • WLAN in depot and/or stations. Video data of the event are uploaded automatically or by manual command when the vehicles are in the depot or at the station.

  • GSM / UMTS. Video and alarm data can be transmitted automatically or manually at any time when traveling. Due to the bandwidth limitations only few images or short video sequences at lower frame rate of a particular event are transmitted over the wireless network.

  • The transmitted / transferred video images are then analysed in the operation centre.

On top of improving the passengers and driver security while being onboard, the deployment of the mobile video surveillance solution in buses or trains will significantly decrease equipment maintenance costs and reduce incidence of violence. It also increases the carrier’s reputation and image by providing a safer and cleaner traveling environment.

Other components to our security solutions for transportation include

  • Customised security solutions according to the individual requirements

  • Road traffic management (bus / tram / VIP prioritisation)

  • Video surveillance of stations

  • Managing of incidents, accidents and emergencies

  • Fleet management: track and trace; mobile security

  • Parking areas: video surveillance, access control, perimeter detection, incident detection, automated number plate recognition

  • Metro, subways, trains and trams: railway station surveillance, platform surveillance, perimeter detection, incident detection, on-board video

  • Bridges and tunnels: incident detection, incident management


Safety and security on the move

Highlights and benefits of our mobile video surveillance solution include:


  • Reduce incidence of violence, aggressions and thefts

  • Deterrent effect against vandalism and further unsociable behaviors. Cleaning graffiti or repairing vandalism is an expensive task by way of people costs, but also the time taken while the vehicle/carriage is out of service.  Mobile Video on-board can minimise this time out of action by reducing the unsociable behavior.

Increase security and safety

Increase of the subjective passenger safety – with a safer environment for passengers and staff, transit authorities see an increase in ridership and ultimately in ticketing revenue. Increase objective security of the passengers and the drivers.

Return on Investment

Significant reduction of maintenance costs and repair time for damaged vehicles and equipment. Thanks to DOO concept, save on personal cost on platforms (checking that all doors are clear).

Forensic / post event investigation

Provide documentary evidence of the incident / event: after an incidence inside the bus / after an incident outside the bus (external cameras are requested).

Operation efficiency - Minimise disruption of service - Use recorded images for training purposes.

Emergency event response

In case of an event (e.g. aggression, theft, etc.) an alarm can be triggered manually by the passengers (alarm / panic button) or by the driver. The mobile video recorder can be programmed in such a way that in case of an alarm the frame rate is increased and the sequence is stored separately on the HD. In case the vehicle is equipped with wireless transmission (WLAN, GPRS/Edge) the alarm can be transmitted real time to the transit authority or the police station.

Live emergency video transmission

If the vehicle is equipped with a wireless transmission with high bandwidth (e.g. WiFi, UMTS or equivalent) in case of an alarm live pictures can be transmitted to the transit authority operation centre or police allowing for a fast and event specific intervention. An effective intervention can be put in place when Video and metadata like GPS and IBIS (Integrated Board Information System) are transmitted simultaneously.

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Claim mitigation in case of liability claims and litigations. Increase the reputation of the carrier by providing a safer and cleaner traveling environment. Other elements of our tranportation offering include:

  • Innovative technologies in video content analysis (Siveillance SiteIQ)

  • Scalable solutions to accomodate different requirements

  • Our network of excellence within Siemens and with external partners to cater for the needs for complex and integrated surveillance applications

  • Expertise in large scale integrated surveillance and command and control systems      (Siveillance ELS Vantage and Siveillance ELS Web)