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Data centre solutions and services from one experienced partner

Data centre solutions and services from one experienced partner

Fire safety, security, and energy management that maximise uptime, reduce energy costs, and ensure security and regulatory compliance.

Data centre solutions – fire safety and security from Siemens

Whether fully owned or outsourced, data centres are critical facilities for the vast majority of businesses. But from managing complexity to improving energy efficiency and meeting security and business regulatory requirements, data centres face many challenges.

Protecting critical data is as important as ensuring uptime and availability of service: Our integrated, tailored solutions and services help efficiently detect and respond to a wide variety of events that can threaten data centres’ business continuity and profitability – all in compliance with regulatory requirements. Our one-stop-shop solutions fully integrate:

  • Fire detection, evacuation, and extinguishing

  • Access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection

  • Building automation and energy management systems

Our extensive service concept – covering system design, installation, maintenance, extensions, and modernisation – ensure maximum system reliability and availability, throughout the entire systems’ life cycle, providing optimal return on investment.

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