Terminal Building

Security and fire safety

Keeping terminal buildings and equipment and operating them efficiently are critical to an airport’s viability. Should an incident occur, there must be a rapid intervention. Threats have to be identified early and eliminated reliably, affecting as few passengers as possible – and it’s preferable to prevent incidents before they occur. Whether it’s a suspicious bag, a column of smoke, or unauthorised access – all processes must work together to ensure an appropriate level of response.

Preventive measures such as video surveillance, intruder alarms, access control, biometric identification, and X-ray systems are key components to form the basis of security systems, together with fire safety, extinguishing, and evacuation systems.

However, command and control systems from Siemens look at the demands of an airport including the terminal as a whole – from security equipment to building technology, from fire safety to baggage scanning. And then we build intelligent solutions that protect passengers, equipment, and the entire infrastructure.

Energy efficiency

Due to the size of terminal buildings, energy issues are extremely complex. As airport terminals often have a large number of windows, causing solar heating and increasing the amount of light inside for example – it is therefore important to have an intelligent system that monitors what is happening outside and then compensates automatically inside. Building automation systems from Siemens do exactly this and will raise blinds, turn off lights, reduce heating, or increase air conditioning, saving energy, and ensuring a comfortable environment inside the terminal.

Using this integrated approach ensures a pleasant indoor climate for passengers and staff – without breaking your airport’s bank. With our solutions, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning use only as much energy as is absolutely necessary. Therefore, airport operators will benefit from real cost savings.

Low-voltage power distribution

Our range of low-voltage power distribution products and systems, including distribution boards and circuit protection breakers, ensure a secure power supply to all running equipment and throughout the terminal building infrastructure.