Due to their sheer volume of space required, hangars present various challenges to ensure they are safe, secure, and energy-efficient.

Fire safety

Siemens has developed fire safety systems dedicated to such large volumes of space.

Due to all the equipment and service parts found in hangars, it is not always possible to see everywhere; however the fire detection system FibroLaser™ can be placed under the floor and is able to reliably register even the slightest temperature increase, triggering an alarm, including its location with an accuracy of up to three metres.

Due to the height of hangars, specialised linear smoke detectors must be used.  This is a beam sending infrared light to a reflector up to a distance of 100 metres, able to reliably detect smoke rising.  False alarms are prevented with an additional distance measurement that detects foreign bodies in the light beam, for example if a fork lift truck interrupts the beam.

With highly flammable liquids often located in hangars, detecting open flames and smokeless fires, both reliably and quickly, ensures the appropriate response measures can be taken.  Flame detectors from Siemens use a combination of infrared detection, pyroelectric and silicon diode sensors and fuzzy logic to achieve excellent detection reliability, while maintaining the highest immunity to interference radiation and sunlight.

Energy efficiency

HVAC systems from Siemens can monitor temperature sensors readings and make adjustments accordingly, however integrating systems, such as micro switches on hangar doors that stop heating or cooling when the hangar doors are open, are an automatic process with no operator intervention. When the doors are closed, heating/cooling resumes again.