Control room

One of the major problems identified in control rooms by airports which require security measures employed over a large area is how to manage all the different inputs and alerts which may occur, often simultaneously, in the event of an incident.

For example simple questions must be answered, such as “who is in charge?” – the police?, security staff?, fire officers?.  Which measures should be adopted in the case of an incident?

If an integrated approach is adopted, such as SiveillanceTM Vantage “Command and Control” systems from Siemens, this provides a centralised overview and control for the protection not only of an airport's passengers and employees but also of its assets. Such a command and control system integrates a wide range of disciplines such as fire safety, intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance, public announcement systems, flight information displays, building automation systems, and other relevant security equipment, providing one central point through which all the various alerts can be monitored. Command and control systems also guide the personnel who need to respond to an incident as to what actions to take, a vital factor in what is invariably a stressful situation.