IO-Link integrated into Totally Integrated Automation

As a dedicated driver of this subject, Siemens will in the future not only correspondingly advance its product and system range, but also deliver an unparalleled, continuous communication solution thanks to the integration of IO-Link into Totally Integrated Automation.

IO-Link functionality
Interactive animation: IO-Link functionality


Reduced engineering work

  • Faster configuration through central data storage and duplication of sensor and switching device parameters

  • Considerable reduction in parameterization tools thanks to central setup and data storage in STEP 7

  • Easier integration of devices through definition of profiles

  • Highest degree of flexibility: Thanks to the open IO-Link solution with standardized device description by means of IODD, third-party devices can be integrated like PROFIBUS GSD

  • Reduced engineering overhead and fewer errors when designing the CAD circuit diagram due to reduced control circuit wiring

  • Investment protection through retaining of proven topologies and compatibility with the conventional connection


Reduced commissioning times

  • Uniform and considerably reduced wiring work for different sensors and switching devices thanks to standardized, unshielded 3-conductor connections

  • Time savings, since no individual parameterization is necessary; parameters can be duplicated for similar device setups

  • Straightforward parameterization through central data storage – repeatedly presetting sensors and switching devices is avoided

  • High flexibility during the sensor/ switching device parameterization through either editing or teaching in the setting data

  • Faster mounting and fewer errors due to reduced control circuit wiring

Operation and maintenance

Increased plant availability

  • Maximum transparency down to the field level thanks to the integration of the IO-Link standard into Totally Integrated Automation

  • Shorter changeover times through central parameter and recipe management – also for field devices

  • Reduced downtimes through plantwide diagnostics down to the field level and fast troubleshooting – as well as through preventive maintenance at sensors and switching devices by alarm messages being reported and displayed before malfunctions occur

  • Easy error correction through device replacement without interrupting operations and without reparameterization, since provisions are made in the PLC to keep the parameters ready

  • Absolute reliability of all Siemens components in the Siemens system – thanks to extensive system tests