Rail Solutions

Billions of pounds are being invested in major rail projects and Siemens is playing its part in making these a success. Siemens combines innovation with responsibility to deliver technologically advanced solutions ensuring journeys are punctual, comfortable and safe.

Commuter and Regional Trains

Today’s commuter and regional services need to meet a host of different demands, depending on the region, operator and connections to other forms of transport. This challenge can only be met with intelligent, flexible train concepts – such as our Desiro family of vehicles.

Rail Automation

Speed, reliability and convenience are what determine the attractiveness of modern trains – and their economic success. By these criteria, the optimum line usage and thus rail automatioin becomes the central issue. With our diverse portfolio, Siemens Mobility guarantees reliable operation.

High Speed and Intercity

High Speed

The Velaro family was developed for the global market. Its ongoing evolution is based on our experience in design, production, service and maintenance in day-to-day international service. You can experience the resulting successes firsthand – by traveling with the Velaro in Spain,  Russia or China. You’re sure to be impressed by its technology, flexibility, comfort, and efficiency.

Railway Electrification


Siemens is your partner for tailor-made electrification solutions for mass transit. We implement solutions based on proven product solutions, thereby setting the standards. Your benefit: Efficient and reliable traction power supply and contact line systems.

Test and Validation center

Railway operators expect innovations that function properly from the day they’re delivered. However, testing is becoming more and more difficult due to the increasing utilization of public rails. The accredited and certified Wegberg-Wildenrath Test and Validation Center is the logical answer to changing conditions in rail traffic

Complete Rail Solutions

A company doesn’t develop a comprehensive mobility ex-pertise overnight. Our expertise and international presence have been growing constantly for 160 years. With our complete rail solutions, Siemens implements exemplary complete rail systems.