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08 January 2015

Reducing energy consumption in manufacturing

Glass production traditionally requires considerable energy consumption, which means the industry faces the ongoing challenge of managing the impact of rising energy costs. In the glass industry energy consumption is a key area of expenditure, like many manufacturers, Pilkington is traditionally a very high energy user and faces the ongoing challenge of managing the impact of rising energy costs. It faces substantial annual energy bills and wanted to address this to reduce such costs and finding additional opportunities to improve efficiency and support its drive towards a low carbon and sustainable future. Find out more about energy efficiency glass manufacturing at Pilkington Glass Ltd

05 January 2015

Glass manufacturers reassess relationship with energy as cost and regulatory pressures rise

With energy estimated to account for up to 35% of a glass manufacturer’s variable costs, it is clear that consumption and its ongoing management are set to remain as a critical business issue for the foreseeable future.To shed further light on this important subject, Siemens recently undertook some in-depth research into attitudes and approaches to energy management across the glass sector. Steve Martin, Head of Glass Sector, Siemens UK & Ireland, says the findings highlight how many glass manufacturing operations are now taking consumption responsibilities seriously as rising costs, compliance with the forthcoming Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), and supply pressures, conspire to ensure energy remains a top business priority.