Low Voltage Switchboards


Sivacon Switchboards bring new features for enhanced safety, with ratings suited to Construction Industry projects.

Sivacon S4

  • Up to 4000amperes

  • IEC61439/2 type tested

  • Compact space saving flexible design

  • Safe grounding through door hinges

  • Degree of Protection IP30,31,40,41,55

  • Busbar system to 4000A with Icw up to 100kA

  • Form of seperation 1-4, up to Form 4 type 6 & 7

Sivacon S4 Switchboard

Sivacon 8PT

  • Current ratings up to 7400 Amps

  • IP ratings up to IP54

  • Up to 150kA 1 sec fault rating

Sivacon Switchboard


The Sivacon S4 energy distribution concept consists of full galvanised chromed sheet steelframes, of sturdy self standing design, flush or wall mounted.

Sivacon S4 low-voltage power distribution is constructed in accordance to a modular design system by means of flexible assembly kits, and can be combined to meet a wide range of power distribution needs.

Sivacon Switchboard

  • Arc containment system allows roof venting of fault gases

  • Use of mesh and other suitable covers to allow thermal imaging, as part of a safety maintenance regime, or inclusion of a constant monitoring system using site specific open protocols