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Our Sentron family of circuit breakers is built on a modular design principle encompassing ratings from 16-6300A and breaking capacities from 50-150kA.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the Sentron family applications can include incoming and outgoing circuits, cost effective simple feeder circuits; to sophisticated networked devices. The compact moulded case platform from 16-1600A has modularity at its heart, with just two ranges of internal accessories and interchangeable trip units from 50A upwards.

Complimenting this modular design ethos the Air Circuit Breaker 630-6300A has many uniform accessories all of which are interchangeable by the user in the field.

Sentron 3WL Air-Circuit Breakers

Sentron 3WL Air-Circuit Breaker

In the upper performance range, the SENTRON 3WL is the world’s smallest circuit breaker of its class.

With only three sizes, the SENTRON 3WL air circuit breakers cover a power range from 630A to 6300A. Featuring a 3- or 4-poledesign, they are suitable for applications up to 1150 V. All models are characterised by identical design –  in fixed-mounted as well as withdrawable version – identical operation and identical comprehensive accessories.

Sentron 3VL Moulded Case Circuit-Breakers

Sentron 3VL Molded Case Circuit-Breakers

Featuring optimised communication capability and a particularly compact design, the SENTRON 3VL moulded-case circuit breakers meet all requirements placed upon space-saving electrical distribution systems – in a power range from 16A to 1600A.

Depending on the individual requirements, the universal and communication-capable circuit breakers are available for system and motor protection, for starter combinations or as non-automatic circuit breakers. The corresponding releases are optionally available as thermal-magnetic (16A to 630A) or electronic (63A to 1600A) trip units. With only two ranges of internal accessories, SENTRON 3VL circuit breakers offer maximum versatility with minimum expenditures.

Sentron 3VT Moulded Case Circuit-Breakers - 10-1600 Amperes

Sentron 3VT Molded Case Circuit-Breakers

With the standard line of 3VT moulded-case circuit breakers(MCCB), Siemens offers an economic solution for the entire power range from 10 A to 1,600 A, providng a smart way to protect plants, transformers, generators and motors.

Applicable in the infrastructure market as well as in the area of industrial switchgear technology, the 3VT circuitbreakers can be used as incoming and outgoing circuit-breakers to distribute energy in low-voltage switchgear.

The 3VT circuit-breakers are available in several designs for system and motor protection. Thereby, each circuit breaker is characterised by its modular design, user-friendliness as well as its high degree of safety and reliability.